Create a notification platform that helps families shop together


Creative direction, branding, UI/UX design


freelance, 2023


Forum 360/Relate is a video conferencing platform, allowing users to send messages to attendees, take notes, and answer questions, all in one platform. An international client was in need of a brand refresh, UI/UX for their website and platform, and a clear and accurate prototype to show off their new product to investors. Relate is an all-in-one tool, where users can join in on video conferences, see upcoming events, take notes, view statistics, and send messages to attendees. With an emphasis on reducing climate impact, Relate loves to show users how much time and carbon was saved, by attending the online event as opposed to attending in person.

visual identity

Although the Forum360 brand was already established, the client had requested a slight refresh. I knew a sleek, glass-morphism styled design would be perfect for this product. Many elements were to be considered in the product. The product needed to be seamlessly easy to navigate all of their information and features, and found a way to implement a multiple tab system in a collapsing menu on the side. Charts, messages, Q&A’s would always be readily available.

the process

Forum360 was requiring their Relate product under a tight deadline. In just two weeks, I was able to refine branding, UI Design, with an organized component system, critical for a high functioning prototype. Process meetings were held with the client throughout the process, to make sure the product was on the right track, and were able to keep up with new and incoming adjustments.