need anything?


Create a notification platform that helps families shop together


Creative direction, branding, UI/UX design


Studio Cadenza 2019–present


NeedAnything? is a friendly helper app used to automatically alert your friends and family and ask if they need anything, saving them unnecessary trips to the store. At the heart of the value proposition is a service that accurately geolocates a user in a specific location and automatically sends push notifications to others to let them know in real time when they’re at a store, and asks them “Do you Need Anything?” The service aims to connect friends and families, and to make their lives just a little bit easier in the process.

visual identity

NeedAnything? was in need of a rebrand when they came to us. Our vision was friendly and approachable—your family’s little helper. Using bright orange tones as its staple color, we infused the brand with positivity and friendliness. We adjusted the word mark, adding a hand drawn question mark and hand icon, as well as a tiled background pattern in which I illustrated various groceries and household items.

the process

The process began with creating low fidelity wireframes, which we used to map out the overall flow of the app. The experience needed to be clear and concise, so that shoppers are able to easily find what the needer is requesting, and fulfill that request. In order to assist handoff, I collaborated with our development team to create a system of UI components.