startup nation


A versatile platform that informs and educates entrepreneurs of all stages


Creative direction, branding, web design, podcast cover designs


Studio Cadenza 2019–present


StartupNation’s content is crafted by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. It helps driven individuals at any stage start, grow, and manage their businesses. Articles are written by industry professionals to help inspire small business owners on how to be their own boss, and live their dreams.

visual identity

In 2023, I rebranded StartupNation. It’s original design was disproportionate, long, awkward, and unbalanced. The overall design was generic, too masculine, and inconsistent. My approach with this new design was to restore its balance, and bringing in some alternative colors and textures to give it a friendlier feel. The logo is still bold and confident, but now with new and improved typography and a more appropriate and nestled flame. This redesign went on to inspire the design for The Start, StartupNation’s email newsletter.


Under the StartupNation umbrella, lives many projects, podcasts, and ideas. StartupNation is always trying new things. For them, I have established brand guidelines with their new identities, designed websites for Soapbox Studios and the Great Voice, and created podcast covers such as The Pre W. Smith Show and Let’s Go Michigan.